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Case Studies

Iceni Ecology Ltd. works on around 100 different projects annually ranging from small domestic house extensions to large developments for residential and industrial. We also undertake specialist work for other ecological consultancies.

Preliminary Ecological Appraisal / Phase 1 Habitat Surveys

Preliminary Ecological Appraisal, bat & reptile surveys, trapping and translocation of reptiles to an on-site receptor site, Landscape & Ecological Management Plan.

Client: Readie Construction.

Location: Harris Way, Ipswich, Suffolk.

Project: Construction of a large warehousing facility with parking and landscaping adjacent to the River Gipping and railway.

Preliminary Bat Roost Assessment

Preliminary Bat Roost Assessment.

Client: Private Householder.

Location: Blakeney, North Norfolk.

Project: Roof alterations at holiday accommodation.

Biodiversity Net Gain (BNG)

Preliminary Ecological Appraisal, great crested newt (GCN), hazel dormouse & reptile surveys. Licensing for GCN & hazel dormouse. Landscape & Ecological Management Plan. Biodiversity Net Gain.

Client: Benenden Alms Houses.

Location: Benenden, Kent.

Project: Housing development with landscaping.

Biodiversity Enhancements

Preliminary Ecological Appraisal, Ecological Management Plan, Biodiversity Enhancements.

Client: Harrow Property Developments Ltd.

Location: Harrow, London.

Project: A purpose-built and high-quality co-living development with 104 co-living homes, shared amenity spaces, fitness studio, cinema, library and landscaped outdoor terraces and green roofs.

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