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Protected Species Surveys,

Licensing & Mitigation

Our professional Ecologists typically undertake a Preliminary Ecological Appraisal (PEA) or 'Phase 1 Habitat Survey' of a site in the first instance prior to recommending any further (Phase 2) protected species surveys, should suitable habitat be identified.

Iceni Ecology Ltd. will never recommend protected species surveys which are unnecessary for your planning application; it is therefore paramount that the PEA is accurate.

Surveys provided: European Protected Species (great crested newt, bats, hazel dormouse); badger, riparian mammals (e.g. water vole), barn owl, breeding birds, common reptiles (e.g. common lizard, slow worm, adder and grass snake), amphibians, invertebrates and botany.

Male & female Great Crested Newt


European Protected Species 

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